Prickly Moses Black Stallion
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 03.12.13 on tap
51 / 100
Pours a brown colour with beige foamy ring of lace around the top. Head looked like it was nice but didn't stick around long enough for me to form a proper impression. Not bad.

Smells bready, yeasty for the most part. Not much roast and definitely not a lot of oak which I expected. Touch of licorice adds the only high point and there's a touch of banana. Quite meh.

Lots of spice on the palate. Malt takes on a largely caramel note, with black pepper, cinnamon and more of that licorice. Yeah, decent spice but none of the oak promised, also tastes quite light for a stout. Quite bland, ultimately.

Body is quite good as far as it goes, but mostly pedestrian for the style and size.

Quite disappointed with this, it's very mediocre for what it is. Not bad overall, but underwhelming.
appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 2.5 | taste: 3.0 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.25
Prickly Moses Black Stallion
Reviewed by Jez on 19.10.13 on tap
25 / 100
Supposedly a barrel-aged imperial stout: if it is then it's by far and away the worst I've ever had. Tried on-tap at the GABS festival in Melbourne 2013. Taken from a long-forgotten review several months ago.

Pours a deep, but clear brown colour. Really. Brown. Body is exceedingly light and the head only forms a filmy ring. Really it looks pretty insipid from the start.

Banana is immediately noticeable on the nose with some unpleasant overtones of cigars and vegemite. Despite this, it's really very weak: there's a little roast that comes through but the overall impression is one of wateriness. Very unimpressed.

Light and booze entry on the palate leads to a little more insipid roast which is gone before the central part of the palate even takes hold. Here we just have a weakness like dry cereal with a grainy hint and some vinous overtones. By the back it's dead and cold, with just a hint of clinging roast. Woeful.

Feel is incredibly weak for an Imperial Stout, even a fairly low-ABV one as this is.

Seriously, this was pretty dreadful. This is nowhere near an imperial stout, and even on it's own it's a mess. Actually, "mess" might give it too much credit, there's just not enough here to even get messy. It's just weak and exceptionally dull.

appearance: 3.25 | aroma: 2.0 | taste: 2.0 | feel: 1.5 | drinkability: 2.0