Moorilla Estate
from Australia
209th highest rated brewery (of 635)
Highest RatedMoo Brew Imperial Stout (73 / 100) Average score59 / 100 (Decent)
Lowest RatedMoo Brew Belgo (46 / 100) Number Tried15
Moo Brew IPA
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 28.08.18 on tap
53 / 100
So honestly, this is like a limited-batch brew but a standard IPA from a long-established brewery. Editorialising for a second, I really wonder if Moo Brew is going to be the next brewery to go into receivership, following 3 Ravens & Temple (both of which are otherwise still functioning, of course). Like, doing an IPA now after so many years as if it's exciting enough to warrant a 'limited batch' release is like slamming the stable door so hard the stable door breaks.

Rant over. Tried this on tap at the Whaler in Battery Point.

Pours a golden amber colour, with a steady trickle of bead. Head is white, dense foam, good retention but a bit too symmetrical; just looks unnatural or something. Standard.

Smells fruity and nice. Citrus and tropical aromas in equal measure with some lemon, grapefruit and passionfruit giving a lot of tang. Big mango character too and it ends up dominant after an initial citric twist. Slightly floral; standard but nice.

Tastes a bit too dry, really. Has some decent fruity notes upfront but a bit of a flash in the pan. Some sweet citrus late mid with tangerine and some grapefruit and then gets a chalky kind of texture where the citric hops just pull everything back and it's all just sharp bitterness with none of the fruity zest. Finishes a little astringent. Has all the IPA characters but quite uninspiring, and box-ticking. Not moreish.

Mouthfeel is dry, a little thin really. Could use a lot more malt presence. Both for flavour and body.

Yeah drinks like an IPA that a biggish brewery felt the need to get to market rather than because they wanted to explore. Very uninspiring hop bill, thin and monotonous. Drinkable of course but quite disappointing.
appearance: 3.25 | aroma: 3.75 | taste: 3.0 | feel: 3.0 | drinkability: 2.75
Moo Brew Dark Ale
Reviewed by Jez on 03.01.17 in bottle
70 / 100
(Very Good)
330ml brown bottle, in the usual pleasing Moo Brew shape, purchased somewhere in Tasmania by my Dad. Surprisingly, I discovered I'd not reviewed this before, although I've certainly had it multiple times.

Pours a pleasant red-brown colour, deep in hue but brilliantly clear when held to light. Head is a somewhat underwhelming crest of patchy off-white bubbles. Some streaks of lace. Body looks very light. It looks decent all up though.

Nose is pleasant. It's subtle and subdued, but it has a very nice and compact toasted note that gives body and depth to the aroma. Some suggestion of chocolate sweetness, but also a faint herbal note that stops the sweetness from becoming dominant. Nice stuff.

Taste is also pretty good. Some sweetness on the front, with a pleasantly controlled roast structure providing balance. There's a slight creamy note towards the back, which has the danger of drifting towards being lactic, but the toasty character sweeps in in the finish, giving a savoury character to stem the threat.

Feel is quite light and fluid actually. It suits it, because at 5%, it's only meant to be a fairly lightweight brew.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this. It has a nice structure and is clearly well-made. It's not the most exciting beer in the world, or in this style, but it's not trying to be either. It delivers well what it should.
appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 4.0 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.75 | drinkability: 3.75
Moo Brew Belgo
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 22.12.12 on tap
46 / 100
(Not Great)
Pours a golden Belgian colour, clear with off-white head. Decent Belgian head that sticks around nice. A little bit clear and fizzy-looking, but OK.

Bit simple on the nose. Decent fruity characters and a fair phenolic note coming through as well. Touch of pine and quite mediciney towards the back. Not bad but not great.

A little flat on the palate too, lacking a bit in complexity. Fairly yeasty and that yeast lends a fair few Belgian spicy phenols to the proceedings, but there's a dry booze note as well and quite mediciney towards the back. Can't say I'm a big fan.

Alcohol is there mostly in flavour, not in heat. Body is on the thin side, but decent texture otherwise.

Nothing really appealing about this brew, it's fairly standard and not particularly tasty. I've had better Belgian pales and better beers from Moorilla.
appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 3.0 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.0
Moo Brew Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Reviewed by Jez on 27.10.12 in bottle
55 / 100
2011 vintage bottle #1626. This vintage is also 8% ABV, like the 2010. Purchased from Beer Cartel by @epiclurk. Shared with @tobeerornottobe.

Pours a deep, but surprisingly supple black-brown, with a real clarity at the edges. Head is a firm slush of pale mocha and leaves some patchy, streaky lacing. Carbonation is fine when agitated, but otherwise the beer looks pretty static. Not bad at all.

Nose is oddly grassy and vegetative, with a character like old, dried-out hops that have lost their aromatics. A hint of booze and bananaskins comes through as well. It is slightly better as it warms, giving a malty choc and mild roast aroma, but it's swamped by those other grassy green notes. It's odd, and a little unpleasant.

I was going to say that nose is anomalous when I first took a sip, but there's a definite banana ester and green woody/grassy character on the mid-palate here as well. The front dupes you into thinking all is well, with a solid, clean bite of roastiness, but that estery character really throws a spanner in the works. Back is tannic, with a vinous bite that clings to the finish, leaving a puckering dry cabernet character. Hrmm...

What's wrong with this picture? Maybe it's that this misses the mark in most of the requisite departments for an Imperial Stout. It's still a flavoursome experience, but I feel as though this has a bunch of unintended or misguided characters in it that really detract from the beer as a whole.

appearance: 4.0 | aroma: 3.0 | taste: 3.0 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.5
Moo Brew Belgo
Reviewed by Jez on 05.08.12 on tap
56 / 100
Had on-tap at GABS in Melbourne earlier in the year. Only just getting around to entering reviews.

Pours a deep golden colour with good clarity. Body is pretty light, and the head forms a fine ring of whitish-grey foam. Lace is decent, carbonation is abundant. Looks decent.

Not much on the nose: just a few loose grainy characters and a hint fo sharp phenols from the Belgian yeast. Very little else in the way of depth or interest, however.

Similar profile to the palate. Light grainy characters with a thin-reedy whine through the centre that doesn't really leave anything. Phenols come through again on the back, leaving a touch of Belgian estery spice and some medicinal characters, but badabing we're done and that's all that we get. Feels very light on.

Eh. Not particularly good. This is a pretty drab attempt at a Belgian, and Moo Brew haven't really had a good stab at it.

appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 3.0 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.0 | drinkability: 3.0
Moo Brew Pilsner
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 09.10.11 on tap
59 / 100
Pours a clear, metallic gold colour with snowy head, visible bubbles and pretty beautiful lace. Good pils look.

Smell is mildly grainy but well balanced with hops, slightly herbal and also metallic. Largely cereal grain sweetness; puffed rice and oats. Not bad, am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Taste is very grainy and sweet. Lots of puffed rice upfront giving way to barley mash flavour that almost makes it taste a bit underattenuated, and a hint of honey. Very mild bitterness is more an after-thought, the hops have very little presence on the main palate. Slightly phenolic, it emerges after the back-palate and does sort of vanquish any residual sweetness, but it could have been used early and with more complexity to it.

Bit of tingle but decent body. Good pils texture, not too light and slightly fizzy.

Drinkable enough but there's quite a few shortcomings. None of them are egregious though. At times it strikes me more as a German pils than a Czech one.
appearance: 4.0 | aroma: 3.5 | taste: 3.0 | feel: 4.0 | drinkability: 3.5
Moo Brew Imperial Stout
Reviewed by Jez on 18.09.09 on tap
73 / 100
(Very Good)

Tried on tap at Sydney's Local Taphouse. Very excited to see it there.

Pours a deep, dark, horrible black. Very opaque, without even much lightening of the colour at the edges or when held to the light. Head is a tick and foamy mocha brown, rather light for an impy. The body doesn't look particularly dense, but otherwise looks pretty good.

Rich high-cocoa chocolate on the nose, dusty with a lingering whiff of blackened malt. Certainly lacks on sweetness, but that's what you get. All things considered, not terrible heavy or robust considering the style, but otherwise very nice.

Deep dark characters on the palate with a vague back-palate of booze. Very ashy, very charred, and it really lacks some body and sweetness to back up the astringency. Feel is very light, a shame, because a thick, chewy, silky body is a necessity in the style.

Not the best imperial stout I've had, and not even the best Australian example I've had. Hey it's not a bad beer, and I love that more Australian breweries are cranking out the more extreme end of the brewing spectrum, but it's certainly sub-par for the style.

appearance: 4.0 | aroma: 4.0 | taste: 4.0 | feel: 3.0 | drinkability: 4.0
Moo Brew Pale Ale
Reviewed by Jez on 12.07.09 on tap
66 / 100

Cloudy lemon yellow colour, with a fine head of foam. Looks still, but otherwise pretty decent.

Light passionfruit on the nose. Not bad, with hint of pot pourri coming through. Not really pungent but the fragrant notes are very pleasant.

Taste is a little disappointing. Light fragrant fruit characters on the front, but these dissipate to a vague yeast and grain note. Some noticeable residual bitterness, which is nice, but otherwise it's reasonably plain. Clean to drink, at least and the mouthfeel is good.

Nice enough. Not hugely flavourful, but it has characters which make it worthwhile. Drinkable in its way.

appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 4.0 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4.0 | drinkability: 3.5
Moo Brew Pale Ale
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 08.07.09 on tap
63 / 100
Pours a very cloudy straw colour with modest but decent white head. Lacing is nice and thick, but slippery. Not much else going on, but I do like haze in my beer.

Nose is very APA, with a big pineapple cascade hit, citrus hints as well, very floral aroma, even a hint of rosewater for the sweetness. Nice, but nothing too special here.

Taste is similar, a lot of tropical flavours. Hops are quite noticeable and bitter on the back, with a musk kind of flavour balanced with pleasant floral bitterness. Hints of pineapple and banana as well, with a slightly resiny touch to start them off. Mouthfeel is quite full and pretty smooth. Yeah it's decent, not quite as clean or refreshing as other APAs, but still good drinkin'.
appearance: 4.0 | aroma: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.5
Moo Brew Wheat Beer
Reviewed by LaitueGonflable on 21.06.08 in bottle
60 / 100
Pours a yellow head with not much head or carbonation. Thin ring of lacing around the side of the glass. Nothing to shout from the rooftops about.

Has a soft marshmallow smell with a slight hint of herbs. Nice, and yeah, quite hefeweizen-y, really.

Has that classic hefe-style bubble gum character on the palate but it is dominated by hops both front and back palate. It's actually remarkably bitter for a hefe. Drinkable, certainly, but I wouldn't say it fits the style very well, there's not much apart from the hops. It doesn't help that the waiter who poured it for me had no idea how to pour beer and so just poured it without agitating the yeast so the cloudy appearance I only got when I chucked the last drops in my glass.

But still, it's a very pleasant beer to drink but it's not much of a hefeweizen and it's quite simplistic on the palate. Average.
appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 4.0 | taste: 3.0 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.5