Anarchy Brew Co
from United Kingdom (England)
Highest RatedSublime Chaos (60 / 100) Average score60 / 100 (Decent)
Lowest RatedSublime Chaos (60 / 100) Number Tried3
Sublime Chaos
Reviewed by Jez on 04.05.14 from cask
60 / 100
Tried on cask at Craft Beer Co in London.

Pours a deep red-black colour that looks opaque in the glass—whether that's from colour or from haze it's hard to tell. Body is solid. Head forms a creamy, but coarse-bubbled beige that leaves some lace. Minimal fine carbonation. Looks decent.

Nose has some mild coffee characters coming through and a touch of liquorice. Broad malt basis gives it some heft and a little roast comes through. It's not bad, but it seems somewhat generic.

Light, toasty entry on the palate with a creaminess that seems to sit with it throughout. Full weight comes through in the middle, although there's not a lot of flavour—just that persistent creaminess, which is partially a texture. Coffee comes through on the back, but it has the characteristics of thin water-filtered beans. Mild finish, relatively pleasant with a lingering roast flavour.

Feel is smooth, but a little thin—as though it's a bit cold, even though it's really not.

Overall, it's okay. It doesn't have the complexity or flavour profile to warrant its big ABV bill—it just doesn't deliver a big enough punch. I've had far better similar beers.
appearance: 3.75 | aroma: 3.5 | taste: 3.25 | feel: 3.25 | drinkability: 3.5