Hermit Thrush
from United States (Vermont)
Highest RatedFou D'Or (81 / 100) Average score81 / 100 (Excellent)
Lowest RatedFou D'Or (81 / 100) Number Tried1
Fou D'Or
Reviewed by Jez on 13.07.19 from a can
81 / 100
Pint can purchased from somewhere in New York, I can't remember where. Brought back to Sydney, where I shared it with Sam. This is an unblended foudre pull beer.

Pours a pleasantly hazed golden colour, deeper in hue in the glass than at the edges, with a finely created head of off-white which provides lovely long streaks of lace, and some tine specks. Carbonation is refined: powdery and swift through the glass. Looks good.

Nose is decent enough. It does have a touch of kerosene to it, which gives it a harsher than expected character beyond what you expect from a sour. But mostly it restrains this behind vinous, oaky notes, with a little bit of crushed vegetation and a touch of olive brine.

Taste is much better, however. It has a pronounced stonefruit sweetness, which gives it depth and juiciness, even though here the acid is also much more prominent. It stays in balance, with soft, powdery peach flesh towards the back, that's shredded with riesling and sauvignon blanc characters. Feel is lovely. Powdery but bright.

It does get quite acidic over time, and that makes it more of a trial to drink than it needs to be. But the production of those stonefruit notes is just really beautiful, and despite the additional tartness, it never feels out of balance at all.
appearance: 4.25 | aroma: 3.75 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | drinkability: 4.0