Hofbräu Kaltenhausen (Brau Union)
from Austria
281st highest rated brewery (of 635)
Highest RatedEdelweiss Weissbier Snowfresh (66 / 100) Average score63 / 100 (Solid)
Lowest RatedEdelweiss Hefetrub (60 / 100) Number Tried2
Edelweiss Hefetrub
Reviewed by Jez on 14.12.10 in bottle
60 / 100

Pours a very pale, but hazy yellow colour - a look I'm starting to associate with an "Austrian Hefeweizen". Head is filmy but consistent, and made up of very fine bubbles. Cloudiness is nice. Overall, it's a decent looking brew, very light for a hefe though.

Nose is lightly spicy with a slight wheat acidity, but it's very light and mild all up. Slight coppery twang, and a hint of crushed leaves, but minimal else. Can't say I'm a huge fan, even though the slight characters it does have are pleasant enough.

Taste is a little better, with the hallmarks of a good weizen - slight acidity through the front, a touch of spice and a little sweetness. On the back, however, there's a slightly bitter metallic, phenolic character that skews it from the classic profile. It's a little bit of a downer to an otherwise decent beer. Feel is smooth enough, and quite light, which suits it well enough.

Eh, it's not a great beer, but it's not that bad either. There are much better hefeweizens out there - this one is just a little bit too bland.

appearance: 3.5 | aroma: 3.0 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 3.5
Edelweiss Weissbier Snowfresh
Reviewed by Jez on 14.12.10 in bottle
66 / 100

Pours hazy and pale yellow, much like a witbier in the body, with a good deal of large-bubbled carbonation through the centre. Despite this, it does not sustain much of a head, fizzing up as it does like soda, and then only sticking around as the faintest of rings around the edge. Body looks fine, everything else is disappointing.

Nose is also reminiscent of a wit, with some key differences. Orange notes are minimal, despite the slight wheaty acidity coming off it, and there's a herbal sweetness more than a zesty spice. Otherwise, there's a lot of fragrance, quite floral and sweet.

Taste is also very sweet, with rosewater and jasmine characters coming forward here, and the mild acidity clearing out the back. Flavours are supported by a long vanilla malty character that stays until the end. Carbonation is vigorous but fine bubbled, and it doesn't attack the palate to the degradation of the herbal, floral flavours.

A very interesting beer, with some quite unique flavours. Everything is surprisingly well balanced, and once again I'm reminded of the fact that it's merely tradition that suggests a witbier should be made with orange peel and coriander. Whatever's in here is a fine alternative.

appearance: 2.5 | aroma: 4.0 | taste: 4.0 | feel: 3.5 | drinkability: 4.0